Sendom - WOODEN HOUSES is a production company prospering well on the domestic market over the last few years. In 2017 we celebrated the 15th year anniversary of our company. Being a family business, we have gained our experience in building yearlong houses and summer cottages, continuously expanding our offer.

Working on the dynamically developing building market, we are trying to improve our homes with the use of the newest technological solutions. We produce high quality ecological and energy- efficient houses based on framework structure. We approach every project individually so that the client may get the opportunity to build the house of dreams.

Meeting customers’ expectations we have built show houses on the premises of our company so that each customer become acquainted with the technology, special features and quality of our homes. Moreover, we have show houses in two more locations; Warsaw and Sucomin.

You are welcome to check our offer thanks to which you can quickly realise your dream of having a comfortable home at a low cost.

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Finding a suitable house of your dreams may be a time-consuming and tiring thing to do. Being well aware of this fact, we offer our help. What we give is ready wooden summer cottages and yearlong houses of top quality. The houses are completed from the outside and have two options of interior completion; the standard finishing (also referred to as “made to order”) and the “turnkey” finishing. We draw special attention to details and finishing which give our houses extraordinary features and style.